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Archbishop Neale School’s STEM club focuses on the application of engineering/science fundamentals to every day practical solutions.  We cover basic aerospace, mechanical, chemical, and electronic technical applications. 
During the 2016-2017 school year, we:
– are studying the practical aspects of flight by building and flying our own kites, small rubber powered aircraft, and rockets.  We are also flying small drones to study flight stability and drone electrical systems.
– have built several structures from buildings out balloons, to trebuchets, and LEGO ping ball launchers to understand structural/material interactions.  We have built kinetic powered vehicles to understand the practicality of the conversion of potential energy.
– have approached Electrical engineering by the construction of battery powered vehicles, introduction to “Sphero” programmable robots (on load from UVA).  We are also studying electronic components and rebuilding computers.
– introduced chemical engineering by looking at the interactions between compounds or better known as “making slime”.
– are testing our problem solving and spacial skills by doing puzzles, mainly different forms of Rubik’s cubes.
One of the cornerstones of our club is to learn while having fun.  Each student has the opportunity to explore their own interest by introducing science projects or ideas.
Howard Schrader
Director / Instructor