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Tuition & Fees

School Year 2021-2022


Additional Fees


Grades PreK3 to 8 Catholic Non-Catholic

1 Child



2 Children



3 Children



4 Children




  • Tuition assistance is available through TADS
  • Parents who are in good standing with a parish in the Archdiocese of Washington will receive the Catholic tuition rate. Otherwise, the non-Catholic rate will apply for your family. A tuition approval form will be forwarded to the respective pastors. (If you have any questions regarding the rate assigned, you must discuss this with your pastor).
  • Students enrolling after the school year begins will pay tuition based on the number of months remaining

Once a family’s tuition has been determined, a contract will be created.  Once the contract is signed and returned, parents must set up their account on TADS.


All tuition and educational/activity fees will be collected by TADS.  Options for payment are automatic debit or credit card.  Each family will set up their individual TADS account online.  No payment will be made to the school.    

If you choose the Full Payment plan, your payment will be withdrawn from your TADS account by July 1 and you will not be assessed an enrollment fee.  If your funds are not available by July 1st, you will be required to sign up for a payment plan and an enrollment fee will be assessed.

Payment Plans

Full Payment Plan:

This plan requires all tuition and fees be paid on or before July 31st.

Two Payment Plan:

This plan requires all tuition and fees to be paid in two equal payments.

Due:  July and January

Four Payment Plan:

This plan requires all tuition and fees to be paid in four equal payments.

Due: July, October, January, and April

Ten Payment Plan:

This plan requires all tuition and fees to be paid monthly beginning in July and running for a 10 month cycle through April.

Additional Fees

In addition to the tuition requirements, some additional fees may apply:

  • Registration Fee: non-refundable $175 per child for all new families / $85 per child for all current ANS families
  • Parent Participation Fee: Each family is required to volunteer a total of 20 hours (two parent household) or 5 hours (single parent household) per year between May 17, 2021 and May 6, 2022. This important program keeps tuition costs down and encourages parents to stay involved with their child’s school. Families not earning the required points will pay a non-participation fee of $400 ($200 for single parent family). A booklet of various areas of service to the school is distributed before the start of school in the fall. For more information on this program, please go to the Parent’s Page > Parent Participation Program on this website.
  • Certificate Program: In order to encourage parent participation in certificate sales, we are requiring that each family purchase $2000 in certificates between May 1 and April 30 or be assessed $100 (the profit from $2000 in certificate sales). This is in addition to the fee that will be assessed if you do not participate in the volunteer program.
  • Graduation Fee: $125.00 (8th grade only)
  • After-Care Fees: A separate registration process is required for the After-Care Program (please go to the Parent’s Page > After Care Program on this website).
    • Registration Fee is $40 per child/$80 per family.
    • Cost for Program:
      • Single Child Rate – $350 per month (closes at 5:59 PM)
      • Family Rate (2 or more children) – $540.00 per month (closes at 5:59 PM)
      • A late pick up fee of $10.00 per child, beginning at 6:00 PM, for every 15 minutes, will be assessed
      • There is a $10.00 charge for all returned checks